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Leeds Castle Spitfire Tour

Book your seat on a Leeds Castle Spitfire tour and make an historic aviation fan very very happy indeed! While the stunning Spitfire is flying over lovely Leeds Castle a de Havilland Devon will be airborne at the same time. This is your chance to be on that plane for unparalleled views of both the castle and the Spitfire.You and just seven other passengers will be boarding the wonderful 1950s Devon with the very exclusive mission of tailing a Spitfire in the air. As if that wasn’t thrilling enough the whole scenario will be played out in the airspace above around and over Leeds Castle. That’s one seriously stunning backdrop for any flight let alone one with a Spitfire next to you.As you circle around the castle swathed in acres of green fields towering trees and that glossy moat it’s a great opportunity to take photos of this most picturesque location that’s a favourite tourist destination. But while you’re snapping keep an ear out for that Merlin engine. As the noise grows get ready for the moment the Spitfire comes into view and then leads the charge.These are the very skies where endless dogfights took place during the Battle of Britain pitching the Messerschmitts of the Luftwaffe against the RAF’s Spitfires. As the fighter commands battled to defend the British shores aircraft such as the Spitfire and Hurricane were key to our aerial defences. Thankfully all is calm on the western front for these sorties making them all together more leisurely outings for all involved but you can just imagine what it must have been like as a young RAF pilot in a Spitfire.Once you’ve taken off it’s just a quick hop northwards towards the village of Leeds for the Devon to get into position ready for the arrival of the star of the show. You’ll be in the air for around a total of 20-minutes on these Leeds Castle Spitfire tours giving you plenty of time to admire both the castle and the plane and take lots of photographs too.

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