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Light Sport Flying London

If you’re looking for a London flying school with a fleet of modern light sport aircraft you’ve come to the right place! With several Flight Design CT planes lined up in the hangar here at Damyns Hall aerodrome this is ultralight flying at its best so if you want to get your wings in these revolutionary aircraft it’s off to the edge of Essex. We have different flight packages here at Damyns. If you’re serious about learning to fly we can highly recommend the three hour pilot starter pack usually flown as three one-hour lessons. If you just want to dip your toe in to the world of these super light planes an introductory lesson is for you whilst  Those wanting to test the cross country capabilities of these little Flight Design-built CTs should go for the Isle of Wight land away option. Those not in the loop with the latest developments in light aircraft will be surprised to hear the CT by German aviation company Flight Design is actually classed as a microlight as it very light thanks to the carbon fibre and Kevlar used in the manufacturing process but it certainly doesn’t look like one. There’s something about that sleek pod-like cabin and curvy fuselage that makes it all very cute and funky but it’s also very practical. Open the gull-wing doors and you’ll see it is unusually roomy for a small aircraft and boasts great visibility too thanks to the large windows and no wing struts getting in the way making take off and landings at this Essex aerodrome a dream for pilot and passenger alike. They are also really easy to fly with dual controls coming as standard and the centrally located throttle quadrant making it accessible from both seats as well being reliable easy to maintain and relatively cheap to run – so no wonder this London-based school has invested heavily in the CT. And the instructor pilots at this flying school love nothing more than being able to demonstrate the capacity of these planes. You will be taking to the skies in the CTSW (that’s for Composite Technology Short Wing) version. This has a shorter wingspan so the aircraft can achieve higher cruise speeds making it a very viable and comfort option for cross country flights – and we’ll have you know you can even store up to 50kg of luggage onboard too! By the end of your time with this London flying school we will hazard a guess that you’ll love the Flight Design CT so much you’ll want one and you’ll be itching to get back to Damyns Hall in Essex for more airtime. And of course if you’ve got the money everything is possible but in the meantime these packages are a great debut for your light sport aviation career!

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