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Light Sports Aircraft Oxfordshire

Learn to fly in Oxford but make it a veritable aerial adventure at the same time! That’s what these flying lessons in Abingdon are all about. We think they are great fun offer superb flight itineraries and plenty of hands-on flight training too. What more could you ask for?Well-placed in a secluded part of the Oxfordshire countryside this private little airfield is between Wantage and Abingdon and has passionate and dedicated instructor pilots onboard to show you how to fly one of these state of the art modern light sports aircraft.The German designed and built CT aeroplane weighs in at under 450kg meaning it’s in the microlight class of aircraft. That doesn’t mean you’re €˜at one’ with the elements though. This plane looks just like your typical light aircraft and boasts excellent performance and safety too. That’s to say this little baby can reach speeds of 170mph and has an impressive range hence why you can easily head to France or the Isle of Wight from Abingdon on these flights.Indeed therein lies the beauty of these flying lessons. Not only do you get to try your hand at actually flying the CT plane you also get to witness some splendid views from the panoramic and surprisingly spacious cockpit.If you opt for the 30 minute adventure flight you stay local to Abingdon but there’s so much to see! Highlights include the Uffington White Horse Bronze Age chalk carving and Dragon Hill where legend has it St George slew that pesky dragon.The one hour lesson sees you flying out of Abingdon and circling over those famous spires of Oxford before following the River Thames as it winds along to Henley. Add in some stunning vistas of the historical Wittenham Clumps with its surrounding beech tree arboretums that date back to the 1740s and you’ve got yourself a fascinating flight!But if you want to learn to fly and feel really adventurous the two land away options are fab. Who could resist a hop over the Channel to wonderful Le Touquet on the Opal Coast? Hop on a bike or take a stroll into this charming seaside town enjoy a moules frites lunch and head back to the airport for your return flight to Abingdon. Then there’s the chance to take a pub lunch on the Isle of Wight – having flown their yourself (via a quick whizz around the Needles of course!).

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