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Little and Large Driving

It’s big thrills no matter what size the vehicle on this Little and Large driving experience! As you can probably tell from the name you will be driving one of the biggest biggest trucks you’ve ever seen and then one of the smallest rally karts out there. This duo might seem mismatched in terms of size but there’s no denying they both pack a serious punch when it comes to torque and power. Grizzly is the American monster truck who loves nothing more than bombing around the off road arena and pounding a couple of reasonably-priced family saloon cars on his way. Nothing absolutely nothing stops this V8 monster in his tracks!Over on the karting circuit you’ll meet the Honda-powered Liberator rally karts. These mini beasts of the mud are actually rear wheel drive making them brilliant fun to drive. If you overcook it on the gas around one of the corners you will lose the back end but that’s all part of the fun. Indeed you might only have the accelerator and brake to think about but controlling these little karts is a tricky business.For these Little and Large experiences you’ll be in a small groups of no more than three with an instructor driver accompanying you. For your Grizzly drive just getting up their into the cab is a mission as there’s a fold down ladder to climb. Once at the controls of this behemoth of a truck it’s over to you to steer the star of the show around the arena attempt a reverse park and then drive over those poor unsuspecting cars.When you attack the rally kart section it’s all about pushing the machine to the limits without tipping it over the edge. There’s a coned course to negotiate and it’s a race against the clock but be careful if you knock a cone over that’s a time penalty. It’s not just about flinging the kart around the corners you have be accurate too. The long and short of this Little and Large driving experience in East Grinstead is that you get to drive two very different off road animals. Let’s see if you can tame the gigantic Grizzly and whip the slippy slidey rally kart into shape. Both are going to test your driving skills big time but that’s the whole point !

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