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London Chocolate Tour Soho

Join a Soho chocolate tour and stroll around the West End of London tasting chocolate as you go! These deliciously chocolatey tours are fully guided and combine tastings treats and samples with industry secrets insider knowledge and even on-the-spot discounts.You and your fellow chocolate fiends will meet in a trendy Soho cafe where your chocolatier tour host will introduce themselves. In this nice and relaxed environment you’ll learn the essential art of professional chocolate tasting. Contrary to popular belief there’s a lot more to it than just unwrapping the choc and scoffing it. It’s about using all your senses to appreciate all that cocoa goodness – right down to listening for that satisfying €˜crack’ when you break the chocolate apart.By the end of the session you’ll be pretty adept at discerning the difference between a high quality chocolate and a pretty mediocre one whilst your palette will be receptive to the flavours and aromas of chocolate from all over the world. If it sounds a bit like wine tasting it is with your host talking about all the different €˜notes’ chocolate can have.Now fully au fait with tasting etiquette it’s time to hit the streets of Soho. You will tour a carefully curated collection of chocolate boutiques. The displays are every bit as mouth-watering and fabulous as you’d expect from these high-end chocolate makers. And quite frankly the chocolates taste as good as they look.In each destination there’ll be tastings and treats for you to enjoy. Hear about the products made try some incredible flavour combinations and just generally immerse yourself in the giddy world of seriously good chocolate. Each boutique you visit during your Soho chocolate tasting tour offers a VIP discount so if you want to buy even more chocs to take home with you this is the ideal opportunity. Your tour host even provides a cute chocolate goody bag for you to put your chocolates in. An utterly delicious day out.

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