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London Olympic Skyline Lesson for Three

See the sights and fly on this London skyline helicopter lesson! Departing from Elstree Aerodrome this 40-minute flight gives you enough time to see a fair bit of the capital and have a lesson in flying the chopper yourself too.These skyline lessons over London are exclusive experiences for up to three people so that means you can invite two of your nearest and dearest to join you as passengers in this comfortable four seater helicopter. As nominated €˜co-pilot’ you’ll be sitting up front next to your instructor pilot – and yes you’ll have a set of flight controls in front of you too.Your experience starts on the ground with a full briefing including dual control protocol (there are procedures to follow as there’s no auto-pilot!). A couple of photos next to the R44 and before you know it the rotors are turning you are cleared for take off and away you go.As the one sitting in the co-pilot’s seat you’ll be doing some €˜spotting’ (ie keeping an eye out for other aircraft in those busy London skies) just as a co-pilot would do. And of course your rear passengers will be lapping up the amazing views. But don’t get too settled gazing out of the window you’ve got another job to do. It’s time to fly this helicopter!It’s pretty thrilling stuff being able to fly on what is quite possibly your first ever outing in a helicopter over the impressive London skyline. After taking off from Elstree you’ll fly out into the surrounding area where you can take in the luscious Hertfordshire countryside before continuing your route over the Lea Valley Reservoirs and over to East London where iconic landmarks such as the Olympic Stadium and ArcelorMittal Orbit can be seen!Don’t forget these London skyline helicopter lessons are exclusive to you as a group of three. And of course one nominated passenger will be sitting next to the pilot and will have the chance to take the controls. Who do you love enough to let have the front seat?

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