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Longbow Archery Experience Day for One

Try your hand with the invention that changed warfare forever over 600 years ago and made Britain into a Middle Age powerhouse, and spend the day learning and proving your skills with a medieval longbow with this Longbow Archery Experience Day in Chelmsford. A different animal from your usual bow and arrow, a longbow is much taller, allowing you to shoot as far as our British ancestors would have done at the famous Battle of Agincourt. Whether you’ve never held a bow before or you’re a seasoned archer, there’s plenty to learn from a day getting to grips with a powerful longbow across a practice session and five fun and competitive activities. You’ll take a walk with your bow and try hitting targets at various distances as marked out in an archery manual from 1564, and have a go at a county fair favourite and try to hit a stick no thicker than a man’s thumb at a distance of 75 paces (starting closer so you can get your eye in first!). There’s challenges for accuracy, speed and hunting-style shooting too, with prizes awarded to the winner of each challenge. Think you have what it takes to be the best with a bow? Prove it!

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