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Luxury Chocolate Making London

Lap up luscious Luxury Chocolate Making in London! Put simply if you love chocolate you will adore this 2 and a half hour class in cocoa heaven combined cunningly with cocktails and a few Prosecccos too. A truly delectable combination that we’re sure will prove difficult for any choc fan to resist.These fab chocolate making classes in London start off as they mean to go on with the chance to make a chocolate cocktail using your own blended milk chocolate mix – a very indulgent little tipple indeed. Your decadent chocolate martinis will be served in glasses drizzled in chocolate too!Tastebuds tingling from that fizz and choc mix it’s time for a tasting session of exquisite chocolates from around the round as you delve into the history of chocolate. Discover how choc is made from the bean to the bar and experience that 100% pure chocolate hit. It’s altogether a mouthwatering mix of insider tips fascinating history and trivia that’ll impress any chocoholic.Then it’s your turn to get creative with the cocoa bean. You will be learning how to make one of this London chocolate school’s signature recipes – dark chocolate and fresh cream truffles. Get mixing fresh cream with 60% cocoa chocolate to create smooth ganache truffles to pipe dip into molten chocolate and decorate with delicious decorations such as sea salt berry dust and honeycomb that are utterly delicious.Add to this the chance to decorate gorgeously gooey chocolate fudge using everything from white chocolate flakes to strawberry curls and the chocometer is starting to go off the scale. Add to that a chocolate flavouring session where you’ll be using anything from chilli to rose to infuse your chocs and we think you’ve got a fabulous experience that’s well and truly immersed in chocolate.And your luxury chocolate making experience in London doesn’t end there. The final touch that any professional chocolatier worth their cocoa makes is to create gorgeous tied bags to put their handmade wonders in. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing too. Fancy wrapping and coloured ribbon abound you’ll be able to take your truffles home with you in style (if you haven’t already scoffed them all!). And by then you can consider yourself totally chocolated-out!

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