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Macaron Masterclass

Add a bit of €˜ooh la la’ to your cooking with a macaron class! Macarons made to the French recipe are an absolute favourite sweet treat for our Gallic neighbours across the Channel. This macaron making class will teach you how to make these little rounds of deliciousness in abundance.If you’ve ever walked past the window of a French patisserie you will have noticed the macarons. Bright and colourful all neatly stacked up it’s a highly attractive display – and just so tempting. When they are beautifully wrapped they make for delightful gifts to give when invited to dinner or visiting friends which is just why they are so popular in France especially in the chic bakeries of Paris.So how do you make French macarons? The recipe couldn’t be easier. It’s just egg whites ground almonds and powdered sugar. The tricky bits are the method needed to get the consistency right how you get those uniform shapes and how you bake them. A proper French macaron should be round just the right height and with a slight crunch on the outside followed by the melt-in-the-mouth meringue that is just slightly chewy. Too crispy or too chewy is just no good in a chic Parisian’s eyes!Luckily with these macaron classes in London you’ll be shown the pretty much fool-proof methods of making magical macarons. Throughout the baking class you’ll be hands-on as you make mountains of macarons learning all the tricks of this delicate patisserie as you go.And as well as making those neat rounds don’t forget the macaron fillings in the middle too. They can be anything from a gorgeous ganache or a delicious butter cream to a tasty jam. Of course these will all be covered as part of your macaron making class.Hosted by a talented chef these three-hour macaron classes give you ample time to master the macaron – and make a whole load of them while you’re at it! Expect to have enough of these tasty sweet treats to take home with you so friends and family can sample your French patisserie skills.

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