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Matching Cheese and Wine for Two

A Gamay with a Brie? Or should that be a Muscat? Knowing your wine and cheese pairings is a tricky business which is why these wine and cheese tastings in central London are so popular! Devised by a wine expert these two hour workshops will help you work out what wines go best with which cheeses.The tastings are hosted by Margaret Silbermann or one of her wine connoisseur associates. Margaret certainly knows her wines for cheese (and any other food for that matter!) as she has worked around the globe in the world of wine. As a wholesale wine trader she has bought and sold hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine and has devised wine lists for many a restaurant as a wine consultant. For these classroom courses she’s brings all her knowledge to the table.Split into four groups around the tables the mouthwatering sight of a platter of cheeses and up to six wine glasses each will greet you as you walk in to the cheese and wine tasting room. Introductions done there’ll be a talk on wine appreciation including the three stages of tasting. First there’s the appearance of the wine then there’s the in-glass aroma. Take a sip and the initial sensations in the mouth appear before the after taste takes over.As Margaret herself says: €œLook at it appreciate the colour which can be different shades and tell you a lot. Think about the smell is it fruit or a flower? And when you taste it think about what flavour you are tasting.€Now that all sounds pretty straight forward but add in the cheese and you’ll soon discover how their flavours change the overall taste. Some of the cheeses such as a French Morbier might be quite strong in flavour so could easily overpower some wines so should you go delicate or robust? And what if the cheese has a smokiness to it? Would you pick a red or white to accompany it? All these questions and more will be answered during your class.Margaret certainly knows what she likes to see in her wine and cheese combinations but will you agree? Once the talk has finished it’s time for you to launch into your tasting with gusto. Morsels of cheese crackers to accompany them and of course those carefully hand-picked quality wines from around the world. You’ll be equipped with a marking sheet so you note your scores for the combinations and at the end of the sessions Margaret will go around and ask each you about your preferred wine and cheese pairings given a comment on each. In essence personal tastes and preferences mean that tasters can have very different opinions on which wines they like with which cheeses – but that’s all part of the fun!

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