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Maxi Monster Truck Experience

This is the ultimate maxi monster truck experience giving you the chance to drive four monstrous machines in East Grinstead. Over the two and a half hour experience you will drive a UK-style and a US-spec monster truck a big jeep and an off-road buggy too. Lots of driving and even a bit of monster truck car crushing too!Let’s do this one in height order. First up are the off roading buggies. Just when you thought everything was oversized at this maxi monster truck driving centre there’s this light-weight but heavily modified 4×4 buggy. It wants to go places you would never think possible in a vehicle and you’re the one charged with piloting this thing around that tricky circuit. Near vertical drops? Yes. Streams to drive through? Of course. Wobbly bridges to negotiate? Most certainly. And you can even initiate a deliberate sideways roll of you’re up for it!Then there’s the jeep. This jacked-up Land Rover Defender 90 has higher ground clearance than standard and that matters for this experience. You’ll be taking the Landy on the fearsome Jungle Run a wild woodland way that’ll have you squeezing through tree-lined trails with just inches to spare on each side. Of course lined up next to the more maxi monster trucks the Defender seems pretty small but fear not it’s about as gutsy as they get.Pushing European spec trucks to the maximum are the UK monster trucks like Black Ice. Usually based on things like a Toyota HiLux these ground-munching monsters have the audacity of their American cousins but that more familiar British-style to them. You’ll be tackling the main monster trucks course here at East Grinstead and you’ll need to keep your wits about you – it could get a bit hairy out there.The grand finale has to be the maxi monster truck that is Grizzly. You’ve all seen the huge US trucks blasting around those big arenas on the telly. Now this is your chance to bring your very own American monster drive to life in East Grinstead. For this experience it’s UK vs US monster truck as you get to drive both of these massive motors. But there’s only one truck for the very last task – driving over and crushing two cars. For that you’ll need the height and power of that 7.5l Chevvy-based maxi monster truck they call Grizzly.

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