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Medieval Banquet

There’ll be singing and dancing and eating galore at this resplendent Medieval Banquet in London! St Katharine Docks plays host to a trip back in time to the Middle Ages when mead and suckling pig were the Michelin-star courses of their day and the nobility feasted for weeks on end. In this sumptuous world of chivalrous knights and teasing troubadours you’ll enjoy a full banquet meal to tantalise your taste buds and excite your senses. This stunning recreation of a medieval banquet doesn’t just include the food. As part of the spectacle London’s finest (and bravest!) will also take to the floor to enact classic Middle Age entertainment such as jugglers tumblers contortionists and even the occasional sword fight or two! The venue at St Katharine Docks in east London is also decked out in true medieval manner to make your banquet feel totally authentic. As part of your evening’s banqueting festivities you’ll enjoy a delicious four-course medieval meal of soups meats cheeses and pies prepared fresh by the Head Chef but if you’re not much of a carnivore vegetarian options are also on offer. Ale wine and soft drinks are provided throughout the meal with additional alcoholic drinks available from the tavern bar for a shilling or two. Everything is served by costumed singing and dancing wenches who may well persuade you onto the dance floor after the plates have been cleared! All the music is authentic 11th-16th century performed as faithfully as possible with traditional medieval instruments by the London venue’s specialist musicians. This banquet creates a fantastic atmosphere and it’s all too easy to imagine a young Henry VIII celebrating after a hard week of battles divorces and beheadings with such a riotous feast. To help you feel completely the part there is also a full range of costumes for hire to suit most shapes sizes and ages. These medieval banquets at London’s resplendent St Katharine Docks make for a theatrical dinner that’ll have you completely enthralled and entertained from start to finish. Ideal for couples families and groups of friends or colleagues it’s a unique evening of fun in the capital that any maiden damsel knight or knave is bound to enjoy! This is just one of the many gifts available from IntotheBlue. Please see our Gift Ideas page for information on a wide selection of great ideas for all the family.

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