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Meerkat Experience for Two

So cute so fluffy and with that cheeky little smile – that’s the Meerkat experience! You will be able to meet the Meerkats at this animal park in Telford. The session will be hosted by the centre’s Meerkat keeper who will introduce you to this brilliantly eccentric little animal – and maybe some of their other mammal friends too. Your Meerkat encounter will see you meeting Kovu and Uuka. Both of these adorable creatures have been hand reared by the keeper team here in Shropshire so they are really quite tame. If they like the look (or rather the smell) of you they might well snuggle up against you and may even have a little snooze in your arms or on your lap! As well as getting to handle the Meerkats on this encounter you will also learn all about their natural habitat lifestyle and how they are reared. Then you’ll be able to help out at feeding time too. It has to be said you can’t help but fall for these gorgeous and rather eccentric little animals. If you opt for the longer tour you will also meet two other species of mammal. The rather formidable Serval is a quick-on-its-feet African wild cat that looks like a baby relative of the cheetah. These feline funksters can run at speeds of up to 50mph and jump effortlessly to over 9ft in the air. However rather than running all over the place Duma and Zeus are very inquisitive Servals and love nothing more than have a good old rifle through rucksacks and hand-bags. In our experience they are just as cheeky as the Meerkats! Then it’s over to meet Benny and Joon the black and white ruffled Lemurs. These very pretty animals with those big dark eyes and teeny hands and feet are very much an endangered species so it is a delight to see this fine and healthy pair in residence alongside the Servals and Meerkats that you met earlier. Whether you long to give a Meerkat a cuddle or just love the way they stand on their hind legs with their paws in the air this Meerkat experience is definitely for you. If you fancy meeting Meerkats and other animals we recommend the extended encounter where you meet Meerkats Lemurs and Servals all under the guidance of the Meerkat keeper of course.

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