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Microlighting Cambridgeshire

Learn microlighting in Cambridge from a champion! Chief flying instructor and school owner David Broom starting flying at the age of eight got his license as soon as he could at 17 and became an instructor in 2002. After winning the silver medal at the European and World Microlight Championships in 2004 2005 2007 and clinching the gold in 2015 he is a fully honoured British and World microlight champ – and you can fly with him! This superb airfield is in the heart of the Cambridgeshire fenland and boasts three grass runways which aviation fact fans eliminates the problems of crosswinds as you have a choice of take off and landing directions – perfect for these lightweight flying machines. You will have your first taste of what getting airborne in a microlight is like in a flexwing P&M GT450 912S aircraft. What’s more this isn’t just any microlight it’s the actual championship-winning one (and in fact six of the top eight in the 2015 competition were flying P&M microlights). All the safety gear you need (helmet flying suit and gloves) will be provided for you and each experience starts with a ground briefing and being shown around the microlight and its controls. Once settled inside the open cockpit with pre-flight checks done and harnesses all secure   it’s time to start the engine and taxi to the runway. Once at cruising height in the microlight you’ll enjoy fabulous views over Cambridge and the Fens. But these experiences aren’t just about the bird’s eye view you get to have a little fly too even on the shortest 20 minute flights. That means that you will be handed the controls (not literally there are two sets of controls in the cockpit!) and you will find out for yourself how the lightest touch can alter your flight course so steady goes! If you are serious about wanting to get to know what piloting a microlight in Cambridge is all about go for the Flying Start package that gives you a land away experience where you fly to another airfield have a break and then fly back. You might even get to soar over your own house if you are in the Cambridge area. See our main microlights section for other amazing microlight experiences available by gift voucher.

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