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Microlighting Devon

Choose flex or fixed wing Microlighting In Devon for a wonderful airborne experience! This small but perfectly formed microlight school is based at Dunkeswell Airfield in east Devon tucked in next to the beautiful Blackdown Hills making it a lovely airfield to take off from. Headed up by Jim Greenshields these guys know a thing or two about microlights as they sell build maintain store and offer training in both flex wing and fixed wing mircolights. In fact we think Jim and fellow flying instructor Alistair live and breathe microlighting and we’re sure their enthusiasm will rub off on you. If you opt for the fixed wing flight you will be typically in an Icarus C42. At first sight these aircraft look like traditional planes as they use ailerons rudders and elevators to control pitch yaw and roll with a control stick and two pedals inside the closed cockpit – but they are much much lighter. The flex wing microlight such as the Pegasus GT450 is derived from the hang glider and has a single horizontal bar to control the craft and an open cockpit that gives you that more ‘pioneering’ aviator feel. For all these microlighting in Devon experiences you will have a pre-flight safety briefing. You will then head out for your flight that’ll show you the joys of microlight flight as you soar like a bird over the Devonshire countryside and the south coast. And if you feel like giving it a go yourself you will be able to take the controls or you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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