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Microlighting in Northumbria

Experience the wonders of microlighting in Northumbria! Fly from this friendly airfield north of Newcastle and get a taste for high-altitude adventure with our range of Northumbrian microlight flying experiences. Whether you’re looking for a superb sightseeing session or an introduction into aviation these courses are the perfect way to discover the thrills of flying and even piloting your own flex-wing machine.There are three flexwing microlight flight durations available out of Northumbria giving you 30 60 or a total of three hours of airtime. All flights (and flight paths) are tailored to your individual wishes and you can opt to sit up front if you fancy having a go at the controls yourself or sit in the back seat and just take in the beauty of this whole area.You don’t have to be in the air very long around these parts before you’re looking down on some of the key Northumbrian tourist sights with coast country and plenty of castles all within your flying range. Whether it’s Warkworth Castle and Alnwick Gardens on your 30 minute trial flight or further afield to Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh Castles via the coast on your 60 minute flight these Northumbrian itineraries show off the best of the county – and you could be the one flying over it!The ultimate microlighting experience in Northumbria has to be what has been dubbed the €˜Big Adventure’. You’ll fly from Eshott to another airfield have a very civilised stop for tea and cakes then fly back to base. The whole expedition gives you around three hours of flight time and of course you double up on the take offs and landings which to many are a highlight!Ex-Royal Marine Commando and ex-CID Police Officer Si will be your expert host for these experiences and he’s been flying flex wing open cockpit microlights since 1993 and an instructor since 2004. He boasts a 100% pass rate with his pupils after an average of just 31.5hrs of teaching.So if you or someone you love would like the incredible chance to soar through the Geordie skies then try your hand at microlighting in Northumbria. This whirlwind combination of piloting and panoramic views is not to be missed and you’ll be rewarded with some breathtaking vistas of the North East from the prime spot in your seat in the open cockpit microlight.

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