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Microlighting North Kent

Next to the River Medway and River Thames just north of Rochester the microlights fly free above north Kent! This is a wonderful part of the country to take a microlight lesson as there are big vistas to be had over the Kentish countryside and coastline.We are offering 20 40 and 60-minute flights in both fixed wing and flexi wing microlights out of this airfield near Rochester. It’s owned and operated by Greg Burns and his team who reckoned this tranquil location at Middle Stoke was the perfect place for microlight experiences and training. And a cool little anecdote Greg’s passion for flying started with a trial lesson he received as a Christmas present!Microlights need far less runway to take off and land than your standard light aircraft. That’s why this grass airstrip tucked away at the end of a country lane in north Kent is just right for microlighting. It’s uncontrolled airspace too so you won’t be hanging around for a slot from Air Traffic Control.As for the microlights operating out of Middle Stoke you’ve got the choice between flex and fixed wing. If you go for the €˜back to basics’ flex wing flight you’ll be getting airborne in a Quantum 912 one of the most popular models of €˜trike’-style open cockpit microlights amongst aviators.If you don’t fancy this stripped-down version of microlighting you can go for a fixed wing experience instead. You’ll be soaring the skies in an Ikarus C42 the most popular and best-performing fixed wing microlight. It looks just like a plane and behaves just like a plane too so you’ll be in a closed cockpit sitting alongside your instructor pilot. You’ve not got that €˜open to the elements’ feel but it does offer an altogether different take on the microlighting experience.Whether you choose a 20 40 or 60-minute flight each one starts with a full briefing and introduction to the aircraft and a talk on the basic controls. Then you’re ready to head off into the Kentish skies above Rochester in your microlight.

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