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Microlights at Sywell Aerodrome

Get airborne in a Microlight At Sywell Aerodome! This historic airport in between Wellingborough and Northampton has seen its own fair share of aviation action over the years since opening in 1928 and even today is a busy little aerodrome that regularly wins awards for best airfield. A truly delightful location. This school based at Sywell boasts CAA instructors and examiners amongst its team and has a fleet of modern well-maintained microlights. There are both flex and fixed wing aircraft in the hangar and many are privately owned by club members in addition to the craft used specifically for teaching purposes like the ones you will fly in.  As well as offering training and trial lessons this centre is an importer for two of the biggest names in lightweight aviation. The school is an agent for Air Creation who designs and builds flex wing trikes/weightshift models including the competition-winning Tanarg model. When it comes to fixed wing the school works with SkyRanger known for being a reliable and high-performing craft that resembles a standard light aircraft. So the choice is completely yours on these microlight at Sywell aerodrome experiences. Each session starts with a welcome and pre-flight brief before you taxi off past the classic art deco Aviator Hotel and the original restored control tower for your chosen flight duration in either fixed or flex wing. Don’t forget flexis give you that more ‘wind in your face’ feel whilst fixed have the enclosed cockpit.

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