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Microlights in Surrey

Round off your week with a microlight flight from Surrey’s Redhill Aerodrome! Operating trial microlight flights on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays this is a great place to get your first taste of ultralight aviation.You will be flying in a fixed-wing microlight. This training school uses the renowned Ikarus C42 aircraft which has a fully enclosed cockpit. The advantages of flying in this sort of microlight are clear. You’re not open to the elements the plane is more powerful than flex-wing versions and you get to sit side-by-side with your instructor pilot so you can see what’s going on.Which is perhaps just as well because these microlight experiences out of Redhill are treated as trial lessons. That’s to say once your pilot has taken off and flying straight and level you’ll be given the chance to actually take the controls to fly the Ikarus yourself. And believe us it’s a great feeling as you soar in the Surrey skies knowing it’s you who’s flying!What’s more the skies around Redhill are a superb window onto the world below. You’ll easily be able to see the undulating Surrey Hills and the Kentish Weald. You might even be able to pick out some of the landmarks from the air such as Chartwell and Penshurst Place as well as the Bewl and Bough Beech reservoirs. All look spectacular from the air. And if the weather is on your side you might even catch glimpses of the London skyline.We are offering 30 45 and 60-minute microlight flights in Surrey. Redhill’s aerodrome is well-placed near to the M25 and M23 and despite being close to Gatwick Airport there’s still lots of airspace for you to fly in and see some favourite Surrey and Kent sights too. Whether it’s to see Surrey from the air try flying for the first time or the start of a new hobby (with just 25hrs of training you could be flying solo with your licence) these trial microlighting experiences out of Redhill are great fun with engaging and professional pilots.

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