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Microlights Peterborough

Take a microlight up over Peterborough and fly over the fens and forests! This Conington Airfield-based flying club operates modern C42B Ikarus light sport aircraft which although classed as microlights give you all the comfort of a standard small aeroplane. It’s time to get you microlighting from Conington!What we love about this flying club is the personal service and attention to detail. Captain Gareth Aggett has many thousands of hours of flying experience and his preferred method of teaching is more like mentoring as he is with students all the way from the first time you get airborne in a microlight over Peterborough right through to passing your licence. And these trial microlight flights out of Conington are no exception. On the 20 minute flight you can expect to have the main control inputs explained to you before you have the chance to feel what flying the microlight is like as you circle over the Conington Airfield area. On the 40 minute lesson you will be flying straight flying level and flying both together as you make good progress in the air covering up to 20 miles in that time.Extending your flight to the 60 minute experience gives you enough time to do instrumentation familiarisation in more detail and take a more in-depth look at what effects the primary controls have on the microlight. You might even get to the stage of following line features such as the drainage dykes and motorways around the Peterborough area.Our favourite microlight offering from this Conington club has to be the land away. You get double the take offs and double the landings as you head to somewhere like Sywell or Old Warden (both superb choices for aviation fans) on your outward flight before heading back to base at Conington.Finally for those who really have the got the microlighting bug the Flying Start package is a must. This gives you two 60 minute lessons to be taken on the same or separate days. Incorporating all the skills of the shorter lessons and more you’ll be at the controls of the microlight for the maximum amount of time as you cruise out across the fens and Peterborough countryside as far as The Wash and the North Sea coast. And we must mention that with that double lesson voucher you will be given your very own pilot’s log book with your two microlight flights over Peterborough logged and noted so that they count towards your pilot training programme. 

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