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Microlights West Midlands

Browse the online reviews for this microlight school based at Wolverhampton Airfield and you’ll see things like €˜proper airmen’ €˜a friendly bunch’ and €˜experienced and capable’ all of which bodes very well if you’re going on your very first microlight flight out of Halfpenny Green. And indeed microlights have been flying at this Wolverhampton airfield with its trio of runways for a great many years. Chief Flying Instructor Steve Wilkes is passionate about his microlighting and has flown more hours in them than he’d care to admit to so you’re in safe hands with Steve and his team. All the encouragement will be there too if you’re a little bit nervous before going up – and the emphasis is most definitely on fun with safety paramount at all times.We are offering 30 40 and 60 minute flights in your choice of microlight that’s to say fixed or flexed. Halfpenny Green is a fabulous place to explore the West Midlands from the air in your microlight swooping along the wonderful Severn Valley or soaring over the neighbouring Shropshire Hills. But it’s not all about the view you’ll have to chance to have a go at this microlight flying lark too with you being invited to take the controls during your flight should you fancy it.And we must give a special mention to the Air Experience for two. You will each be allocated a microlight and an instructor and you’ll both take off at the same time in what they call a €˜pairs departure’. Once up in the air there’ll be some formation flying plenty of opportunity for a bit of €˜air to air’ photography and most definitely the time to whoop and holler and wave at your fellow microlight buddy just alongside you. A unique way to go microlighting in the West Midlands that’s for sure!So whether you’re chasing sunsets over the Severn Valley in a fixed wing or climbing into the big blue of a midday sky over Halfpenny Green in a flexi you’ll love your chance to be at the controls of a microlight out of Wolverhampton Airport. And remember if you book as a duo on the air experience you’re in for the extra thrill of formation take off and flying!

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