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Microlights Wiltshire

This microlight venue in Wiltshire has a relaxed club-feel to it which makes it a great place to watch the microlighting action with a friendly and welcoming ambiance at an airfield surrounded by tranquil farmland. The club offers top notch microlights with a choice of fixed wing (also known as three axis) microlights (some of which look more like small planes)  or the open cockpit flex wing types. Whichever style of microlight you choose you’ll get a superb view of the wonderful Wiltshire countryside below. Depending on which way the wind direction dictates you head for and the flight time you may get to see some classic sights of the south west such as Avebury Stonehenge the White Horse at Uffingham and even crop circles that mysteriously appear in summer. Of course this experience is not just about the aerial view you also get to have a go with the controls of the microlight. Choosing to go in a microlight from this airfield in the heart of Wiltshire is an excellent choice for anyone keen to have a go at microlighting from a small club airfield with grass runways. There is also a very pleasant atmosphere for friends and family who want to watch your moment of microlighting glory – there’s even a food van at weekends selling local produce and snacks!

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