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Mk26 Spitfire Hangar Tour Oxfordshire

See a different type of Spitfire on these Mk26 Spitfire tours! What do you do if you love Spitfires but you don’t happen to have a spare couple of million pounds to buy a restored one? Well you do what Mike O’Sullivan did – design and build one from scratch!These modern Spitfires are flying scale versions of the legendary WW2 fighter plane that we know and love. The Spitfire Mk26b is the third version produced in kit form by the manufacturer Supermarine Aircraft the company that Mike O’Sullivan went on to create. At 90% scale to the original these new Spitfires look the same handle the same and sound the same. They even have a similar power-to-weight ratio of RJ Mitchell’s iconic design. Just goes to show that sometimes a great invention can never be bettered.Our fascinating Mk26 Spitfire tours give you the opportunity to visit the production facility at Enstone Airfield home to the official UK supplier of these scale Spitfires. Tours are hosted by members of the in-house team all of whom are passionate about aviation and these incredible kits. They’ll explain how the Mk26b came about (there was a Mk25 and a Mk26 before) and what it takes to build one of these Spitfires (metalworking skills and a whole lot of aviation grade rivets are essential!).Being shown around the aircraft you’ll see just how close to the original Spitfires the Mk26bs are. Regardless of whether you think these modern-built Spitfires are €˜real’ or not there’s no denying the quality of the workmanship the passion and the desire to be as authentic as possible behind every single one of them. You’ll also hear the story of the Spitfire the importance the aircraft had in the Second World War and why it is such an iconic and important aircraft even today. It’s also a great opportunity to be able to ask all those Spitfire questions you’ve ever wanted to ask but didn’t know who to ask. These guys love their Spitfires (so much so that ACE Squadron has been formed here at Enstone Airfield) and they’ll be only to pleased to answer your questions. Last but not least these Mk26 Spitfire tours will show you that a flying Spitfire can be for the many and not just the few. You will still need pretty deep pockets but what a project to undertake! You might even be tempted by the end of these tours€¦

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