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Monthly Sweet Subscriptions

What could be possibly sweeter than a sweet subscription? Receive sweets in the post every month and indulge your sweet tooth with these brilliant monthly sweet subscriptions sent out in cute packaging that you’ll love.This is what we call an inspired gift. Sweets in little bags all neatly tucked into a lovely box delivered directly to your door. What’s more the package sent out to you is letterbox-friendly so you won’t need to wait in for your monthly sweetie deliveries!We are offering 2 3 6 9 and 12 month sweet subscriptions for you. You choose the sort of sweeties provide the address to send them to and the rest is all done for you. The boxes you receive totally look the part. Each one contains five neat little bags filled with sweets – enough to share or plenty to scoff all by yourself!We are just loving the sweet menu. The boxes for these sweet subscriptions are all themed. From romantic sweet boxes and classic boiled sweet picks to squishy sweets and chewy bon bons we’ve got them all for you – and you get to browse and choose what you’d like for your boxes.For example you might want to go for a certain colour scheme such as pinks or blues with pink mushrooms and blue jelly dolphin sweets. Maybe you love nothing more than a cheeky cola cube? Or how about all those soft chewy sweeties like foam strawberries? You can even go wonderfully old school with mint humbugs and sherbert lemons!With such a vast range of sweets on offer it’s going to be tricky to pick your favourites. Once you have each box is personalised wrapped and sent out in lovely packaging. We think these sweet subscriptions make for fabulous gifts to give. Easy to purchase easy to set up and very easy to eat we absolutely love these monthly sweet subscriptions. Can you just imagine the delight at coming back home opening your latest sweet delivery box and sitting down with a cuppa to enjoy them?

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