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Motion Flight Simulators Coventry

Here’s your chance to say “Welcome aboard this flight this is your captain speaking€¦” when you take over the flight deck on this 737 simulator! Actually it doesn’t have to be a 737 you can also captain a 747 Boeing simulator or even an Airbus A320 on these sims based at Coventry Airport – and what’s more the choice is yours. This friendly set up in the Midlands boasts three separate simulators and all are real and not replicas. The 737 sim is ex-Sabena airlines the mighty Boeing 747 simulator is ex-Aer Lingus and the A320 is an actual ex-GB Airways cockpit so you will be sitting in the actual seats where thousands of commercial airline pilots have flown! First up is the self-briefing. Lasting around 30 minutes you’ll watch a PowerPoint presentation to explain a few things about aerodynamics flying skills and just what your instructor will be doing during your simulated flying experience in the 737 747 or 320. Watching this is essential as it explains what will be happening – and believe us when you first get in the flight deck you will be somewhat overwhelmed by all the read outs computers displays buttons dials and knobs! And what a flight deck it is. With glass cockpit instrumentation two side screens as well as the main front display all with the latest Prepar 3D graphics this is as true to airline life as it gets. We are always getting asked whether these simulators are that good and we can say you will feel like you are on a real 737. As your captain is doing all the pre-flight set up (just as a real pilot would) such as setting a waypoint in the computer and pre-flight checks they’ll explain what they are doing. Then when everything is ready for take off it’s over to you the budding captain to get this 737 simulator ‘off the ground’. There are hundreds of flight paths on offer but the most popular here are Salzburg (see the castle and swoop in low over the mountains) and Hong Kong (it’s that heady mix of sea skyscrapers and summits). The set up here is very professional which is hardly surprising when you consider all the instructors are working or retired commercial airline pilots who have all flown many tens of thousands of real and simulated hours in the likes of the Airbus the 737s and the 747s from Boeing. All agree simulated flight in these machines is incredibly realistic especially the jumbo as it is a tricky very heavy plane to fly and to get the most of it an hour’s experience is heartily recommended. Whether you choose the Airbus 320 the 737 simulator or 747 version these Boeing simulators give you an incredible insight into the now hidden world of what goes on behind the locked cockpit door. Earn your stripes and wings with either a 30 or 60 minute flight with you in the captain’s seat. And yes you can even make in-flight announcements! 

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