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Mud Monsters Experience

If you go down to the woods today you may just come across an off road adventure! Get yourself to this private off road land in West Sussex and you can enjoy the torque and upgraded suspension on some very fine vehicles.  This challenge will see you and your fellow green-laning comrades tackle three different trails in three different offroaders including a Euro-spec truck called Black Ice a crazy little jeep and a trusty Landy with a difference. Are you ready to be a driving adventurer? Exploring the terrain is the name of the game here. The European-spec beefcake is actually based on a standard pick up; the Toyota HiLux. However apart from the body shell it’s pretty much unrecognisable as far as the road-going standard versions go. This massive beast of a motor has 44″ Ground Hawg tyres with the deepest tread grooves this side of a JCB a bespoke high-arc suspension system and that all important extra 18″ of lift. In essence it’s mad. If you don’t get altitude sickness from being in the driving hot seat all that way up off the ground you’ll be charged with whizzing around the ‘Valley Drive’ section of this adventure course. Off the beaten track it certainly is and you’ll need to keep your calm as you power along in this crazy thing being bounced all over the shop. Then it’s back down nearer to ground level for a spin in a nifty little jeep on the ‘Meadow Meander’. The Rocsta soft top loves nothing better than to leap around some tricky side-slopes as you are kept busy on those high-low gear ratios. Last but not least on this challenge day is the Land Rover Defender 90. Again this isn’t your standard model this one has been pimped with a suspension lift and kitted out with Rancho off road shocks and a full roll cage too. Take the Landy on the Jungle Run and you’ll see why a Defender is loyal reliable and full of fun too. From driving the modified Toyota Hi-lux perched way up high above the ground to testing the mettle of the jeep and the Landy these off road adventure days are the perfect antidote to spending far too much time stuck in traffic jams. It’s time to rumble in the jungle!

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