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Murder Mystery Train Dinner

All aboard the Murder Mystery Train departing Loughborough station at half past seven! Step back in time to when detectives had impressive moustaches and the whole murderous scenario happened in the middle of luxury steam trains journeys. Here’s your invite to one of the UKs best-loved murder mystery trains. As well as unravelling the murder mystery unfolding before your very eyes as the train rolls along the Great Central Railway line you also get to enjoy a sumptuous five course gourmet dinner too. But while you’re tucking into your chicken and mushroom pate entrée you might notice someone onboard this very special train departure has disappeared…odd. Or your carriages may just be rolling into the station when the train stops… to the shouts of “There’s a dead on the line” from the station master. One thing’s for sure it’s murder and the mystery must be resolved before anyone can get off the train. As diners on the train you are all implicated as witnesses or maybe even suspects. As one might say ‘The murderer is with us now’ and DI Archie Bauls will be stepping onto your train to investigate – and you’ll be expected to help with his interrogations of passengers and staff alike. Throughout the evening on this wonderfully imaginative murder mystery train departing from the UKs only double track main line heritage railway you will meet some wonderful characters such as Mrs Bouffet-Carr who runs the steam railway station canteen May Bee the innocent looking office girl or clock restorer and steam train enthusiast Nev Erlayte. With any luck by the time you’re sipping on an after dinner coffee you will have the murder mystery train’s perpetrator well and truly framed! A superb night out that combines delicious food with the romance and mystery of steam train travel and well worth making the journey from all over the UK for! Check out our main gifts section for an amazing selection of gift ideas tailored for your special occasion from IntotheBlue. 

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