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Nationwide 4×4 Driving Thrill

Our 4×4 thrill nationwide is offered at no less than 11 different off-road locations around the country. That means wherever you are there’s bound to be a venue near you offering fabulous 4×4 thrill drives. Time to get booked and get 4x4ing across those bumps and lumps!You’ve got a choice of experiences that are available at all of these nationwide venues. You can opt for a classic 30 or 60-minute 4×4 thrill or make it a family affair with our special family package. This gives up to four of you time at the wheel as you all share the driving. It’s a great way to get families together for some muddy fun in the countryside.And talking of locations this 4×4 supplier has some of the best around. We are talking picturesque country estates with miles and miles of tracks and trails all natural terrain and some of the toughest challenges ever. But fear not you have the right vehicle for the job.That’s because this nationwide operator uses a fleet of very nice 4x4s. You could be tackling steep slopes or splashing through water in a Mercedes X-Class or iconic Land Rover Defender. Both are formidable 4×4 vehicles and both will absolutely amaze you with what they can do out there on that rough and tough terrain.To help you make the most of your time in the driver’s seat you’re highly experienced instructor will be next to you in the front passenger seat showing you just how far you can push these cars yet keeping you in control at all times.As you can see from the pictures it can get pretty muddy out there which all adds to the excitement. You’re advised to dress for an outing in the countryside because that is just what you’ll be doing on these 4×4 thrills at nationwide venues. It’s all about working those off-road vehicles in their natural habitat – and testing your driving skills as well. Great fun for individuals and families too.

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