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Off Road Grass Karting Cheshire

Can you cut it in the grass kart? These funky off road go karts are great to drive on the green stuff. You’re sure to be grappling like mad with the steering on this brilliant grass karting track in Fordsham.Designed and built in the UK the Gemini Dominator kart is a right little pocket of punchiness. With a really low centre of gravity but impressive ground clearance at the same time they handle really well on this Cheshire off road karting circuit. They are also really easy to drive too – it’s just a case of rev and go – so those as young as 12 can drive them making this a superb choice for families and small groups alike. Of course we have to admit that the Gemini does look like a roll cage on wheels but that’s what makes it so agile. That space-frame chassis is tough but lightweight and the lack of body panels helps keep the overall weight down and the fun factor up. Yes you’ll feel pretty exposed in the completely open cockpit but bouncing along in your off road go kart is all par for the course with these sort of buggies. As for build extras on the Gemini? Well if you’re lucky you might get mud guards. But we think kicking up the turf and soil is all part of grass karting. Don’t go expecting anything fancy like ABS power steering or comforts like a windscreen – this is (excuse the pun) grass roots go karting at its best.After being shown the Dominator’s controls you’ll be out there on your own on the track. That’s because these Geminis are single seater so there’s no room for anyone to hitch a ride. It’s up to you to go out there and go for it. Those extra knobbly tyres on the buggy will do you proud as you swing into and out of the corners take flight over the bumps and accelerate off down the straight.It’s pretty full-on piloting an off road kart like the Gemini so experiences are run with a maximum of three karts on the track at any one time. You’ll be taking your madcap buggy out for 10 laps of the four-acre circuit filled with drifting bends chicanes lumps and bumps.

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