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Outdoor Karting at Three Sisters Circuit

When you go karting in Wigan it’s proper! The outdoor Three Sisters go karting circuit is the best in the north west simple as that. Three Sisters karting is fast furious and great fun with an awesome track layout and a fleet of Biz karts that are the business.You’ll be karting at 3 Sisters in a Biz Honda powered GX200 twin-engined machine. Yep that’s the upgraded one and it’s also the one with the dry clutch. If you’re not familiar with dry and wet clutches on go karts and motorbikes the upshot of it is that a dry clutch reduces engine drag (as it’s not bathed in oil like a wet clutch) and therefore it’s more horsepower to those rear wheels to get you karting around the Three Sisters circuit even faster.But enough of all the technical gubbins needless to say these karts are championship winning standard little beauties that are fantastic to race at this Motor Sport Association licenced track. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you out there in your Biz kart at Three Sisters.If you’ve never karted before the best thing to do is go for the Karting Blast. This is an open driving session that gives you 30 minutes out in the Biz karts. For those that want to up their game pick a go karting race experience at Wigan’s legendary Three Sisters with the choice of Sprint and Endurance races.The Sprint follows a traditional GP-style format opening with a five minute warm-up drive. You’ll then race in two heats lasting eight minutes each. Then you are entered into a final according to your driver ranking. This race gives you an intense 10 minutes of go kart racing where you’ll all be going for broke to be crowned the go karting champ of Three Sisters.The Endurance format is great if you want to clock up drive time in one go with a race element too. It’s certainly the best way to hone your karting skills nailing that racing line and hitting the red and white curbing of the apex bends just as you should. You start with a 10 minute practice session before a mass start for the 60 minutes of endurance racing.All the go karting at Wigan that we offer uses the Club Circuit at Three Sisters. Accelerate down the Conrod Straight from the start line negotiate the chicanes and apexes on the interior section of the track then time you entry into Joey Dunlop corner perfectly to come flying into the Paddock Bend. Then you’ve just got Roberson’s Straight and Lunar Bend to tackle and you’ve completed a circuit in your fab Biz go-kart at Three Sisters!

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