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Photography Courses London

Attend a photography course in London and get to know your depth of field from your white balance! Most of us have DSLR or advanced compact cameras these days but how many of us really know just what all those buttons and functions do? These beginner and intermediate photography lessons take place in central London and are run by a professional photography school. Actually these London-based courses are nothing like going back to school it’s all about practical photography skills with learning in a fun and informative way.  A team of highly skilled and passionate photographers is on hand to teach you all you need to know so you can snap away with confidence. The Beginner Photography course takes place in and around the Southbank area of London. Meeting up first for a theory session you’ll learn how to use all the functions on your camera to maximum effect rather than just pointing and hoping for the best as you press the shutter. Subjects on this introductory photography lesson include ISO shutter speed aperture exposure depth of field and freeze or blur motion. For a truly contemporary feel to your lesson try Street Photography. It’s a bit of a buzz word in photographer circles but it encapsulates that sense of being aware of everything that’s going around you and how anything from a seemingly mundane moment in time to a big event can make for stunning photographs. Of course London is the ideal open air studio for this emotive style of photography and this school will take you to the Bankside area next to the Thames where there is just so much to shoot. These two courses give you a full day of photography in London as part of a small group but if you fancy one to one tuition to really get to grips with your camera we are also offering individual half day lessons from this London photography school too. As it’s just you your camera and the tutor the syllabus for the three hours is totally adapted for you as is the location. So if you want to improve your wildlife photos head to London’s parks if you are a fan of architecture the City is the place to be or for capturing people at play how about south of the river? A photography course at London’s friendliest photography school is a great way to get out and about in the capital camera in hand to create captivating images that any pro snapper would be proud of. And you don’t need really expensive gear for these photography lessons it’s all about knowing your camera and opening your mind to creativity in the heart of London!

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