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Pilot Landaway Flying Lessons

Enjoy double or triple the time in the air with these Landaway Lessons available at venues nationwide! Giving you extra time in the plane you will feel like you are part of the crew and you’ll even get the chance to try your hand at being captain of the light aircraft for one of the legs! We currently offer this extended flying experience at different locations in the UK. No matter whether you choose the standard of tuition will be just as high as all schools are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) registered and the welcome will be equally as warm as you arrive at the flying club you have picked. This combination experience is perfect for aviation fans who want a more comprehensive insight into the world of flying. At the start of your day you will be greeted by your pilot instructor and you will have a walk around the aeroplane – friends and family will be able to take photos at this point too. The aircraft used will be a modern low wing four seater training plane such as the Piper PA 28. Used worldwide for training budding pilots aiming for their PPL (Private Pilot’s Licence) they are renowned for being robust reliable and a pleasure to fly. As you taxi off the apron and out onto the runway for take off you can wave goodbye to those watching the action from the clubhouse. Once airborne and having achieved level flight the pilot will ask if you would like to navigate the plane – yes that means you at the controls! All aircraft used are dual-control and you will be sitting in the cockpit side by side with your instructor so you can observe how they fly before you have a go yourself. The exciting thing about these landaway lessons is that you get to fly to other local aerodromes land take a look around and then experience another take off and landing as you fly back to your original airfield. One of the flights will be treated as a lesson so you will have the opportunity to fly and be taught how the controls effect the how the plane flies and for the other you will be an observer in one of the rear seats. Double the flying time and double the fun!  If you opt for the landaway triple you will also take over the navigation role for one of the flight legs.

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