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Professional Drift Car Passenger Hotlaps

If ever you’ve wanted to frighten yourself silly in a car these drift car hot laps are the way to do it! If you’re brave enough to head out on a professional drift car ride you’ll get to experience first hand the race track – sideways!Our pro-drifter hot laps are available at Birmingham Wheels Brands Hatch and Teesside Aerodrome circuits. The very best drift cars in the prodrift fleet are reserved for these rides so we’re talking competition-standard drift cars that race in drift championships. Expect to the see the likes of the 350z the 370z and E36s too.But make no mistake these aren’t your road standard Nissans and BMWs. All cars have been modified to make them into the absolute boss when it comes to drifting. We’re talking upgraded braking suspension differential and tyres. Inside the cockpit it’s pared down but as the cars are used for ride-alongs there’s a nice racing bucket seat for you as the passenger. Essential seating when the driver starts kicking that clutch!If you’re wondering what you’re letting yourself in for with a professional drift car ride it’s hard to describe if we’re honest. The feeling of going high-speed into corners sideways is pretty much indescribable as it feels so unnatural when you experience it for the first time. After all who goes rounds corners like that in the real world?! Oh people like multiple Formula Drift Champ Chris Forsberg in his Nissan 350 and 370zs that’s who!For most passengers the transition happens within a few seconds of being in one of these pro drift cars. Your brain starts to un-jumble what’s going on and before you know it you’ll be whooping with delight (or trying to reign it in if you’re a more restrained type of passenger!) as your pro drift driver ramps up the revs with each and every hotlap of the drifting circuit.By the third and final lap of your drift car hot laps you’ll be getting use to the rear end of the Nissan or Beemer swinging out as you once again attack another corner with just the amount of gas and at the perfect angle to exit in perfect drift style – all thanks to your expert prodrift driver who’ll be hosting and handling all that power in the comp drift car.

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