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Ride with a Stunt Driver

Pluck up the courage to ride with a stunt driver and experience the tricks from the front passenger seat! These thrilling stunt passenger rides take place at the South Tees Motor Sports Park where there’s all the space you could wish for to play in real cars. Hang on tight up front in your passenger seat it’s going to be some ride€¦If you’ve ever watched a stunt driving demo you’ll know it’s a impressive combination of the right car (namely front or rear wheel drive) the precision motoring skills and the nerves of steel of the driver. Flinging a car around takes timing spatial awareness and a certain amount of co-ordination too. And while you don’t need a specially adapted car to be able to pull off a couple of spins you do need a serious skill set.The instructors at this family-owned and run stunt driving centre are all massively experienced. As well as hotrides and teaching they also do regular displays TV work and even film stunt double driving. In other words this lot know what they’re doing when it’s foot to the floor time in their BMW Minis and Z3s.You meanwhile will probably be slightly nervously awaiting your turn on the sidelines. As a spectator these motoring tricks and freestyle moves are impressive so you can imagine what it’s going to be like seeing the same view the driver does. Within moments of you getting settled in the front passenger seat you will start experiencing first hand the stunts as they start coming thick and fast.A nicely choreographed sequence of nifty parallel parks donuts and J-turns will keep your pulse rate up for the entire 10 minutes of this stunt hotride. Pivoting around a point with the engine howling and the tyres smoking will have you looking goggle-eyed in no time. And if you can actually keep your eyes open for the duration you’ll see just how exact you have to be when using the handbrake to swing into a parking space barely larger than the car. The expression €˜a hair’s breadth’ could have been invented for this highlight of your stunt passenger ride. Enjoy!

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