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Rifles & Pistols Devon

Set your sights on a big shooting challenge at this indoor gun range! Head down to Crackshot in Devon for a session with air rifles and pistols shooting targets. Take on the challenge and see who is the champion hotshot. Who’d have thought that behind the rather innocuous facade of an industrial estate building at Heathfield halfway between Bovey Tracey and Newton Abbot there lies a top notch indoor gun centre boasting not one not two but three different ranges: the pistol range the air rifle range and the high-tech simulated shoot.On arrival at this Devon range you’ll see the smart reception area is also home to a well-stocked gun shop with everything that anyone from the amateur air rifle shooter to a top class marksman would need. Once the gun fit and safety briefings have been done it’s time to let the shots ring out€¦On these experiences you can go for a one hour session that allows you to try your hand at two of the three ranges or go for the one and a half hour slot and take aim at the targets in all three indoor ranges. What’s more there’s no limit on ammo and the staff are always on hand to help check you have enough gas and generally make sure you’re getting as much shooting in as possible.Head upstairs and you’ll arrive at the indoor pistol range.  These are semi-automatic BB handguns and they’re capable of rapid fire and are great fun. You’ll be aiming at a range of hanging targets and we defy you to feel a little burst of adrenaline each time you hear that satisfying €˜ping’ as your pellet pummels the swinging metal targets!Next door you’ll find this Devonshire centre’s indoor air rifle range. It’s a pretty neat 20 metre set up with five lanes of both standing and sitting shooting positions. Again there’s a variety of targets including the traditional black and white paper rings that you’ll be able winch in and out so you can scrutinise your shooting prowess. There’s also a whole load of other targets. In all there are over 100 different targets lined up here at Devon’s Crackshot centre.Back downstairs at this indoor gun range is the Simway Simulated Hunt. This is set up for two players and offers a full range of fabulously realistic shooting scenarios with everything from wild boar hunts and wild west shootouts to clay pigeon sessions where clays are fired off at 140mph. It takes a keen eye to succeed at these shoot €˜em up games even when it’s just the tin can alley! 

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