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Secret Agent Full Day

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of espionage on this Secret Agent Spy Day in Milton Keynes! It’s all very hush-hush but when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade to being a top spy this full day experience teaches you everything there is to know – giving you five different activities to enjoy. Just keep it all to yourselves€¦ Your day as a secret agent starts with the murky universe of the sniper. You’ll use camouflage and concealment to make sure it’s you the sharp-shooter who stays alive. After that it’s a bit more old school with a full hour of crossbow shooting. Make no mistake this is not a simple game of bows and arrows it’s the real deal with crossbows that boast an impressive range. The ‘back to basics’ skills theme continues with unarmed combat. Even with all the latest gadgets at their disposal when push comes to shove it’s back to hand-to-hand combat for the spies and the baddies. You’ll learn specialist techniques just like you see in the films. After a break for lunch your spy day in the middle of Milton Keynes continues with pistol techniques to see if you’re a top marksman – or woman – as every spy should be. Using a blank-firing pistol you’ll learn shooting positions how to change magazines and what to do if your weapon jams when you’re in a tight spot. The day comes to a close with the chance to show off your ability as a Land Rover driver. Easy you might think. But there’s one small issue. You’ll be blindfolded! You’ll have to listen intently to your navigator who’ll be directing you where to go. Tricky stuff and a great way to end a fun day in the life of a spy. And in case you were wondering yes this Secret Agent Spy Day experience is very realistic but all the ‘guns’ used are safe (either blank firing air rifles or replica guns) and it’s all about role play. You’re supervised at all times and you can do everything at your own pace and the instructors are there to make sure everyone has fun and to offer help and encouragement.

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