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Segway Edinburgh

Go for a slide on a Segway near Edinburgh! This outdoor centre in the heart of Mid-Fife has been organising activities and events since 1992 and now the team has taken on a new experience – the thrill of riding a personal transporter!Just on the opposite side of the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh this Segway venue is set within 50 acres of Scottish countryside alongside the River Ore. A former working farm the land has been re-developed over time so you will be Segwaying along tarmac paths loose gravel tracks tree-lined routes and mown grass pathways too. There is even a golf course so you might find yourselves rolling past the greens!Before you take on the challenges of this route not far from Edinburgh you will meet your trusty Segway for the first time. We agree they look a little bit funny and when you stand on the footplate you want to immediately put a foot back down or hold on to something to help you balance. But that’s the beauty of this machine all the clever gyroscopic gadgetry inside does all the balancing for you!Once you trust yourself and the machine you’ll realise that if you are standing still with your body centred you won’t go anywhere or fall off either. As soon as you lean forward a little the transporter will start moving forward. The more you lean the faster you go. There’s no need to worry if you think you might not ‘get it’ as this friendly Edinburgh team will set the Segway in ‘beginner’ mode so the speed is restricted to start off. Once you’re more comfortable the restricter is switched off and away you go!This trek experience gives you roughly 50 minutes on the Segway. Edinburgh is not far away so if you are staying in the city centre for a weekend this is a great little extra activity. If you’re local and you fancy getting a group organised for some Segwaying fun this venue between Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy is challenging well-organised and above all fun.

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