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Segway Safari Manchester

Our Segway Manchester experience – lots of high adrenaline thrills on a personal transporter! Calling all budding Segway riders from north Staffordshire through Cheshire and right up to Manchester these thrilling safari-style Segway sessions are challenging and great fun too. It’s well worth travelling down from Manchester for as this Segway centre boasts a set of specially marked out trails and a tricky little obstacle course for you to get round – and all whilst balancing on your X2 Segway. Luckily this lot know what they are talking about. Not only do they organise and host these Segway riding days the team also sells and offers training on Segways so if you’re sorely tempted you can actually buy one here too! What we really like about this location on the very outer most edge of Staffordshire is that you are actually in the middle of a working farm and the estate (complete with country house) is entirely private. And that means all 160 acres for you and your fellow Segwayers – not forgetting a few mooing cows and bleating sheep As this venue just a few miles from the cityscape of Manchester is still very much a working farm you can expect well-used muddy tracks that will have you battling to keep the Segway upright as you twist and turn on the rutted routes. It’s exhilarating stuff and all on a chunky little two wheel electric wonder machine that silently glides along. As we said this centre south of Manchester does have a dedicated obstacle route for Segways. If there’s time after your trek out into the wilds of deepest darkest Staffordshire this is where you’ll be glad you’ve got kitted up in full ‘body armour’ full-face helmet and kneed pads as you weave in and out of the trees head over the little jumps and even take on the Segway SeeSaw. This Segway Manchester location offers a great value for money activity that individuals pairs and even families can enjoy as the minimum age is just 12 years old. If you’re looking for a day out in the countryside of Staffordshire these Segway sessions are just what you want as you safari your way around the estate on these well-maintained cross country Segway machines.

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