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Sherlock: The Game is Now Escape Room with Dining

Looking for the Sherlock escape room? Well as Holmes himself would say: €˜The art of disguise is knowing how to hide in plain sight’. If you can find Doyle’s Opticians (established in 1859) you’re in the right place to start your Sherlock Holmes adventure in London.This immersive Sherlock experience is the crème de la crème of escape rooms. Devised by Time Run in association with BBC’s €˜Sherlock’ creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss this is as immersive and cinematic as escape rooms get. Time to don your deerstalker and be detective.You’re in the opticians. The game is now. Stay alert. You’re part of the Network now. As you’re ushered through the opticians Holmes will welcome you into the 221b Baker Street flat he shares with John Watson. Moriarty is up to his devilish tricks again. Will you solve the mystery in time and escape? Tick tock tick tock the time on the clock is ticking and you’ve got 100 minutes to get out.As a team of four you’ll work your way through successive rooms solving clues puzzles and mysteries as you go. You’ll hear from the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and meet some interesting characters as you go. You’ll totally feel like you’re part of the story submerged in the world of Sherlock Holmes – and the attention to detail is amazing.Once you’ve cracked it you’ll emerge in a rather familiar setting. At the Mind Palace it’s a mix of Sherlock Holmes speakeasy and private cocktail club. This is where you’ll be able to chew over the fat and discuss how you and your team did in the face of the Moriarty threat over pizza and a drink or over afternoon tea.Described by those who have already played as the €˜best ever’ this Sherlock escape room is not to be missed. You might be in a shopping centre in London but nothing is quite as it seems. Isn’t it time you booked an appointment at the optician’s? It’s the place where you can see but most people just don’t observe…

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