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Skid Control in Essex

This Essex skid control centre at North Weald Airfield near Epping has been instructing drivers for well over 20 years. Under their expert tuition you will have fun but most importantly you’ll learn valuable skills in a car that could save lives once you’re back out driving on the public roads.The two hour course is in the heart of Essex (but well away from all the cars on the roads) and will teach you all about skidding. All sessions start with a short briefing before you move out onto the pan in one of the BMW or Ford skid cars. You will share the vehicle with two other drivers each spending around 40 minutes at the wheel rotating through a variety of simulated skids and sliding situations.Skid control cars are standard but they are sitting in cradles which hydraulically lift the vehicle. The front and rear wheels on the cradle then reproduce loss of traction in different scenarios meaning you will be experiencing what hitting black ice or snow at anything from 10 to 60 mph feels like!The idea is that you’ll sweep across the skid area at all angles and speeds discovering what makes you skid how you can avoid it and which way to steer when you feel the car slipping out of control. As these skid specialists will tell you it’s all about recognising the behaviour of the car and balancing the steering brakes and throttle in order to regain control.This Essex venue is very well set up for skid training with a large pan and lots of challenges to tackle too. As your skills and confidence increase you will soon be able to push the car through a course combining gates curves and emergency braking areas whilst maintaining control. In fact you’ll find that your reflex action when you start to skid is often the complete opposite to what you should do!Your Essex skid pan experience ends with an overall assessment of your performance and presentation of certificate. Don’t forget as well as having fun you’ll be learning valuable skills for everyday motoring situations.

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