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Smoke and Spice Workshop

If you love savouring a slice of smoked salmon you’ll love this smoking food workshop! Learn how to smoke food in your own home without the need for fancy (and expensive) kitchen gadgets and gizmos. This is back to basics curing to bring out those delicious smoky aromas and tastes. On these demonstrations you’ll observe just how easy home smoked food is to do. Of course much of the smoked and cured products we see have been smoked on an industrial scale. But you can recreate the same process for that longed for home-crafted touch that makes everything just taste so much better. So how do you smoke your own food? Well in essence it’s pretty much the same whether you’re a factory smoking hundreds of kilos of salmon a day or just smoking a couple of duck breasts for your dinner in your own kitchen. You’ll learn on this smoking food course that it’s all about the wood chips. And the salting. And the freshness of the fish seafood or meat. Your host will show you how you can leave the expensive smokers to one side and get smoking simply and without the mess by using a smoking pouch. Brining rubbing or marinating is the essential preparation for your meat. Then there are the wood chips. This cookery school creates its own flavoured wood chips with tantalising aromas like oak and hickory. The key here is to use hardwoods as softwood chips like pine will give your salmon a nasty taste. The wonderful thing about wood smoking foods is the smell sensation. As soon as that smokiness hits it gets your tastebuds tingling. And the choice of foods to smoke on this workshop isn’t by chance. Oily fish and meats like salmon and duck absorb the smoke better giving you that incredibly more-ish taste to it. By the end of the two hours you’ll have smoked the food and eaten it with a glass of Sake to go with it. And we reckon you’ll all be in agreement that smoking food isn’t actually as tricky as you thought it was going to be. You’re sure to leave the workshop totally inspired to wood smoke your own foods at home. 

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