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Spa Day with Indian Head Massage

Slide into a blissful state of relaxation or even fall asleep when you enjoy an Indian head massage at Reading’s four star Merit Holiday Inn! There’s nothing quite like lying down in the treatment room closing your eyes and letting the combination of the lilting ambient music and the most gentle of healing touches send you into an almost trance-like state€¦ This might all sound a little hippy-ish but in India the subtle art of giving head massages has been practiced for thousands of years so there must be something in it. And despite the name it doesn’t just concentrate on your head it’s a lot more holistic than that working from your upper back to your scalp via your shoulders arms neck face and ears. Shiro Abhyanga as it’s called in India is a very gentle yet powerful massage that is believed to relieve tensions energise your mind body and conscious. Rather than working your joints or muscles like a standard massage this form works by increasing blood flow around your head which is full of sensitive nerve endings. In fact it’s very difficult to describe just what it feels like to have an Indian-style head massage so the best thing you can do is book yourself into the Reading hotel for one and find out for yourself just how utterly sumptuous they can be. You might even find the word ‘magic touch’ is pretty accurate when trying to summarise your treatment! As this is such a calming experience we highly recommend using all the facilities at this Reading hotel before your head massage. That way you can dive into the fresh waters of the 19m pool do a few lengths and stretch those muscles or maybe burn a few calories off in the gym before rewarding yourself with your therapeutic treatment. After all that activity and subsequent chilling you out you might want a quick aperitif in Monty’s Lounge Bar before heading off back home or you can even make an evening of it and make a reservation for dinner at the Caprice restaurant. Who’d have thought an Indian head massage in Reading could be so thoroughly effervescent and yet so soothing at the same time? One of our favourite spa treatments.

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