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Spitfire Simulator Warwickshire

A session on this Spitfire simulator will take you right back to wartime Britain. Climb into the cockpit of this simulator and get ready to fly your Supermarine Spitfire to the limits. It’s time to see if you’ve got the gusto to be an RAF hero.Summer 1940. The Battle of Britain is raging. The German Luftwaffe is conducting nightly bombing raids on strategic English sites and cities. Fighter squadrons are on high alert. Young pilots are scrambled on courageous missions. Ground crews work tirelessly to keep the aeroplanes flying. This is World War Two and you’re right in the middle of it all on this Spitfire simulator.Your mission is of your choosing. Will you be taking on Messerschmitt 109s heading over the English Channel escorting German bombers intent on dropping their bombs? Is a sortie over London during the Blitz on the cards? Everything is possible with this fantastically realistic simulator.In fact the cockpit of this simulator is an exact copy of a Spitfire right down to the RAF roundels on the side and the German Luftwaffe cross €˜kill markings’ on the port side of the cockpit. Inside you’ll be surprised at how basic they are compared to modern commercial airliners and the latest RAF fighter jets. It’s also quite a tight fit in there too but this is just how it would’ve been for those valiant WW2 pilots.The simulator itself is fixed base with high quality graphics and surround sound. You can select your RAF base from the full list of airfields. All of them are in the database of this sim and appear exactly as they would have in 1940 right down to the wartime military ground vehicles that would have been trundling around.There are endless other variables too. The most popular sortie is a bit of air-to-air combat with the Luftwaffe. You can select how many enemy aircraft you want to see on your tail and even the difficulty level of the aerial dogfight that’s about to commence. Will you fly your Spitfire back to base as the hero of the hour or will you limp back with structural damage after taking a hit?The operator of this Spitfire simulator is an expert provider of simulated aircraft experiences. The team of current and ex-commercial airline pilots have done a great job creating this very realistic Spitfire cockpit using software that immerses you into wartime and that intense Battle of Britain atmosphere as soon as it’s chocks away.

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