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Spitfire vs Messerschmitt Combat for Two

Keep the enemy firmly in your sights on this dogfight simulator spectacular! This combat fighter simulator session allows two of you to €˜fly’ in two different vintage fighter sims at the same time. It’s going to get pretty intense out there as you head towards aerial combat in the virtual world.The genius idea behind these head to head simulator experiences was in linking the two simulator machines. That means you are both virtually flying in the same virtual skies and you actually meet for a spot of one on one Spitfire vs Messerschmitt dogfighting. It’s going to be full-on out there so make sure you and your opponent are ready for a spirited session at the controls of these combat flight simulators.Both are incredibly realistic. The visuals are great and the controls all work just as they did for real on these two classic fighter planes. You can even count on the gauges to give you accurate readings as you climb and dive at courageous speeds in your chosen aeroplane. One of you will get to be a young RAF fighter pilot in the Supermarine Spitfire MkIX simulator whilst the other will be joining the Luftwaffe in the formidable Messerschmitt.Both planes were the leading lights of their respective air forces and this is your chance to see if you can replicate the success of the wartime fighter aces who hunted and shot down the enemy aircraft over the skies of Britain and Europe. Initially you will take off from separate airfields. Your mission is then to seek out the other virtual plane and engage in head to head aerial combat. It’ll be a fight to the bitter end with neither aircraft capitulating. Make sure you use your armament to it’s best capabilities and see if you’ve got the skills stamina and nerves to be the one who makes back home in time for tea in the Officer’s Mess (or a beer in the Offizierskasino if it’s a Luftwaffe win).This dogfight simulator experience offers a great new twist on the usual simulator sessions. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a bold and daring fighter pilot from back in the day this is a great way to immerse yourself in a courageous head to head battle. Vouchers are for two people so choose your frenemy carefully and get ready to virtually fly in combat mode with them.

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