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Stunt Driving Middlesbrough

Learn to be a Stunt Driver In Middlesborough! The South Tees Motor Sports Park just east of Middlesborough is the venue for this all out action-filled day where you learn how to perform some of the best ever tricks and feats you can do in an ordinary car. We have two crazy car experiences for you. The Silver and Gold packages start with a welcome to this renowned motoring centre where company boss and all round driving guru Kelly and her team of super talented instructors will treat you to a demonstration of just what they and these vehicles can do. As the smoke swirls the wheels turn and the tyres screech you can only be impressed. This experience really does have the ‘wow’ factor for any petrolhead. You’ll soon realise it’s not about speed it’s all about precision driving and nerves of steel to get the best results. Following the demo you will split into small groups and rotate around the activities. First up is the one move we’ve all had a sneaky go at when it snows the handbrake turn where you pull a 180 degree turn on the spot. Taking that one step further you will be taught that very cool manoeuvre of the handbrake parallel park where you swing the car into a parking spot – just like they do in the films. Then the one move that everyone has always wanted to do (but not in their own carĀ  when you see the remnants of tyre rubber it leaves behind) – the donut. You will be using the specially selected rear wheel drive BMW Z3 for this session and we’re sure you’ll be grinning from ear to ear and maybe feeling just a little dizzy when you step out of the car. Now you’ve got a taste for going round in circles you will love the quirky ‘donut buggies’. These six wheeled twin engine sit on contraptions love spinning around on the loose gravel and despite being small they are quite a handful – especially when you’re faced with tackling the course in the quickest time whilst amassing as few penalties as possible. If you choose the Gold experience your exploits continue with two more sessions including learning another driving trick the J turn. It’s the one the baddies always use to get away when you reverse and then fling the car round 180 degree to head off in a forward gear again so you speed away from the scene. You will also compete in the parallel parking challenge when the space you need to slide into gets smaller and smaller in this knock out driving game.

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