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Subaru Rally Experience

Sign up for a Subaru rally session and slip ‘n’ slide your way around a special stage in this seminal rally car! The Impreza is pretty legendary when it comes to rallying and is often top of the list on any would-be rally drivers wish list of most coveted drives and this experience makes that a reality for you. Back in the glory days of the World Rally Championship the Subaru Impreza was unbeatable. Thanks to a partnership with ProDrive these already high-performance Japanese sports cars were tweaked and tuned to become exceptional rally performers that were renowned for being reliable too. And whilst the WRC was big business and a serious FIA-accredited motorsport one thing always stands out with the Subaru – the fact that it is great fun to drive. We’re lucky enough to have driven a full rally spec WRX Sti and it is as awesome as you’d hope for. Inside it looks pretty much like your standard road car except for that fact that there are those proper bucket seats with racing harnesses and a hefty rally-approved roll cage over your shoulder. And it’s this pared down simplicity that makes it all the more brilliant. The Subaru doesn’t shout from the rooftops how good a rally car it is – it just doesn’t need to. The styling is subtle and totally in keeping with what’s under the bonnet – a superb boxer engine that is discrete but a great performer. Only the gold alloy wheels and the rather large whale tail give away the fact that this Subaru is a monster of a machine. With all that eulogising we’d better move on to telling you about what you will be doing on your Subaru rally experience. After a safety briefing that’s designed to be kept to a minimum as ‘in car tuition’ is the order of the day here you will enjoy not one but three sessions out in the WRX. Learn the limits of this exceptional rally champion see how far you can push that all wheel drive technology as you head into the corners and just generally take in the sheer delight of that burbling engine that sounds impressive even when idling and see if you get the whistle of the turbo as the rev counter heads close to that redline…

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