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Supercar and Segway Experience

It’s an unusual mix of super fast and seriously swervy on this supercar and Segway combination experience! We think marrying together a fancy high performance motor with a zippy high tech gadget is inspired. So let’s see if you can (literally) step up to the plate of the Segway and pull off a smooth cruise in the supercar. Your first challenge before you’ve got anywhere near a motor is to choose where you want to go for your Segway and supercar session. It’s currently on offer at three different track venues around the UK including Prestwold Driving Centre Elvington circuit and the Shakespeare County Raceway. Then you have the quandary of which one of the jaw-droppingly beautiful vehicles to drive as the first part of this supercar and Segway combo gets underway. This operator has one of the largest pools of cars available including everything from Brit stars the Astons and Atoms to Japanese motoring ninjas in the form of Nissans. After a quick double lap demo drive with you as a passenger it’s your moment to shine on the track as you take the car you’ve picked out for superb six mile session. Will that vehicle you’ve always lusted after live up to your dreams? Will you sweep though the apex with aplomb? Will you get the tyres screeching? Will you even have enough energy left to go Segwaying after your supercar session?! Going on a Segway after you’ve been posing in a powerful supercar might seem a little pedestrian but these personal transporters are really pretty clever. They use gyroscopes and other gadgets to make sure you can balance with ease and they are really not as wobbly as they first seem. Before you know it you’ll be going at a cracking pace along the special Segway rally course where no supercar could ever go! Don’t forget these supercar and Segway sessions are available at three different track venues and it’s you who chooses which car you’d like to drive and where. You’ve even got a choice of when you want to go with weekend and budget-friendly weekday vouchers available. An unconventional combination of a two wheeler transporter that can hit 20kph with cars that can easily bust through 200kph but both seriously good fun.

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