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Supercar Circuit Thrill

If you want extra track time go for the supercar circuit thrill. On these extended sessions you drive anything from one to five different high performance cars on the track for six miles each. These multicar driving experiences are our most flexible offerings out there – you get to choose the car you want to drive and where you want to drive it.If you’re looking for a fast car experience but don’t exactly know which car or which track these are the vouchers for you. Pretty much every big-name supercar manufacturer is represented in this track day operator’s very real garage full of fantasy cars. There’s more horsepower in this fleet than there is in a Mounties police force. So shiny so slick so totally stunning. It’s going to be hard to pick your favourite fast car (or cars) to drive on these experiences.Every single car in the line up is a star. From the quintessentially English motoring style and prestige of the Aston Martin to the sheer audacity of the Lamborghini we’ve got it all. Of course whilst the model of car may change as new versions come out it’s the same manufacturers producing pure winners when it comes to sports cars so you won’t be disappointed whichever supercars are ready to roll on the day of your circuit thrill.Talking of circuits we’ve got a great selection for you. Once again each one has it’s own particularities and qualities. It could be a coned out former airfield circuit that has been bespoke designed to give you a satisfyingly long straight for you to max out the speed on. Then there are testing grounds where car marques send try out all the new models. And of course there are professional race circuits that host various FIA competitions throughout the racing season.We can’t tell you which car to go for or which track to go to but whatever you go for we do know that you’ll be enjoying six miles of driving in each car. And of course whilst a one-car supercar circuit thrill is fabulous having the chance to drive more than one is just too tempting for any fan of fast cars. So go on make it an extra special treat with a two three four or even a five car experience – they’ll love you for it!

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