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Supercar Hot Lap Rides

Stand by for super car rides that are hot hot hot! Let the professional race drivers show off their skills as you ride shotgun in a supercar with them to experience just what these ‘hot laps’ are all about. And believe us it’s certainly an eye-opening (or rather closing) experience! Let’s face it when you see a supercar sitting there looking pretty in the paddock you can’t help admire it but at the same time you wonder if you’d be able to do all that horsepower justice if you were behind the wheel yourself. That’s where our supercar rides come in. You get to experience the awesome power the ridiculous exhaust growl and that sweet engine noise as the finely tuned automotive machine works overtime with the pro at the wheel. So what is it actually like witnessing a hot lap first hand in a super car? Well to begin with it’s very polite and normal. As you climb into the passenger your instructor will introduce themselves. Get settled in seat belt on and just as you’re about to run your hand across that fine hand-stitched leather seating to admire the quality of the craftsmanship…boooooom you’re off! Expect to be pushed back into your seat from the instant you launch forward. As you try and catch your breath and open your mouth to speak you’ll probably find you can’t because your heart is beating so fast. So there you are sitting wide-eyed and open-mouthed trying desperately to focus and get your eyes used to the sheer speed you’re going at on these rides. And as you continue to shave the sharp corners to within an inch of their lives cutting a very fine racing line as you go you’ll soon begin to appreciate just why these sort of experiences are called ‘hot laps’. Chances are you’ll have sweaty palms and maybe even a few comical exclamations will be uttered or maybe it’ll just come out as a squeal. Who knows how you’ll react on these super car rides but one thing’s for sure your pro driver will give their all to show you just what the car can do out there on a race track with no on-coming traffic. What’s more the passenger picks the supercar they want to go riding in so there’s no need to select it on buying the voucher you can leave it up to the lucky recipient to decide they track weapon of choice!

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