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Tactical Flying Lesson Offer

Get technical on this Tactical Helicopter Challenge! Offered at different venues around the UK this aerial experience gives you three separate flights in a four-seater executive helicopter including one as a pilot and two as an observer. During your time in the air you’ll learn not just about the basic controls of a helicopter but also the challenge of handling the demands of Navigation and Observation at the same time. When it’s your turn to sit upfront as the pilot you’ll also get the chance to complete the Hover Challenge in the helicopter showing off your skills to maximum aero effect. What we love about this skilful experience is that it gives you the opportunity to enjoy three separate flights and that means a trio of takeoffs and landings which have to be the most nerve-wracking and thrilling aspects of helicopter flying. As part of your challenging chopper package you’ll also receive a full flight briefing instruction from a trained helicopter pilot who will be with you for the duration of this helicopter day. Each student also receives a notebook which details key information theories and challenges of flying a helicopter and contains an individual log book which you can fill out on the day of your ride and continue to use if you decide to book further flights. The icing on the aeronautical cake is a personalised certificate which is presented to you at the end of your experience proving to the world that you’ve got what it takes to beat the hurdles this heli adventure presents Don’t forget the challenging chopper day also counts towards your total flying hours should you opt to study for your PPL-H (Private Pilot License for Helicopters) and each of our UK aero clubs offers further instruction and training if this is the path you follow. The tactical aerial helicopter challenge is a very special discounted deal from IntotheBlue so they won’t be around forever. Offering three opportunities to get airborne as well as one-to-one piloting tuition and a chance to try your hand at one of the hardest manoeuvres a chopper can perform this is sure to get rotors in a spin with aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

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